tank approaching empty!

I’m totally not supposed to be this busy. Why the fuck am I so busy? It’s making me hostile. It’s putting me on the edge. It’s making me do things like make multiple references to cupcakes in a Facebook event invitation to a Very Serious and Scholarly Poetry Reading that my class is hosting in a mere 3 weeks.

My brain keeps buzzing. I feel like I can’t grant myself a second to sit down and feed myself. My legs won’t stop shaking. In between classes I read ahead for other classes. My to-do list is never fully crossed off.

I think this is how I was supposed to feel during my student teaching semester–like a busy, busy bee, improving each shining hour, never resting, industrious. But I never actually fully committed myself to the rigor of that semester, whereas this time I really, really have. Probably because I’m not scared to death of the stuff I have to do for my classes and it’s actually all pretty cool. And yeah okay, it’s nothing compared to the JPE semester. But it’s still pretty taxing. I feel like I just need a little break. maybe a… cookies ‘n cream break?


Oh… are you guys still here? Sorry, I drifted off into a chocolate-cookie themed dream sequence. I think I need to make this dream…a reality. Adieu.

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