That One Time When My Kid Was Pissed

Ive shared before about B and his insane interesting personality. I mean, the kid is a comedic genius.

He has also taken a new liking to the XBox and has a few of his own games that he is allowed to play. Namely, Lego Batman. I try to limit his time on the XBox and really only allow him to play while Im cooking dinner.

The other night I was making a five star meal, as per usual, and B was playing the aforementioned Batman game. {Side note: If I used the word aforementioned wrong, shut up and dont tell me ok?}

I could tell he was getting irritated by it as he was huffing and puffing every 2.4 seconds.

All of a sudden, he stands up, tosses the controller to the ground and shouts:


I was in shock.

I do not curse in front of my kids, at least not out loud, so I have no idea where he would have heard it from.

I regained my composure and said, “What did you just say?”

B: “I said this game is pissing me off, Mom.”

Mama: “Ok. I understand your upset but that is not a word we use.”

B: “Why cant I say its pissing me off? It is pissing me off!”

Mama: “Because its just not a nice word. Next time try saying its making you upset or angry.”

B: “Fine. Its making me upset and its pissing me off.”


Then I immediately walked directly into my room and burst out laughing. I also called my Mom to share with her how completely ridiculous her grandson is.

This kid, he will easily be the death of me.

So, what’s been pissing you off lately?

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