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Alright, back to business. There’s lots and lots going on…where to start?


T-t-totally beasted school last semester. I got straight A’s, which I feel is noteworthy, considering the last time this happened, I was sporting stirrup stretch pants on a regular basis and my grades came home in a Lisa Frank backpack.


I’m missing my first day of class because I’m traveling with mah boyfriend to Washington, D.C. to be there in person for Obama’s inauguration and address. His parents bought us train tickets, but unfortunately we don’t have Senator Connections, so we’re going to be part of the Churning Faceless Mass on the National Mall that you’ll see on CNN from the relative safety of your own home. When I found out we were going, I briefly panicked: I’m going to miss my last first day of college?? But 4.8 seconds later, I remembered that some people might sell their major organs for this opportunity, and promptly got over myself.

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