Tug Of War

Living with my inlaws has opened my eyes to a lot.

It’s also a constant tug of war.

The way I want to parent my children is completely different than how they parented my husband and his brothers. Im not saying it’s wrong, Im just saying it’s different.

Possibly it’s a Southern thing versus how I was raised, which is very very European.

They are very strict about what the boys are allowed to do and not allowed to do.

I am pretty flexible. The boys have a couple of rules that are completely non negotiable, but other than that Im pretty lax.

For example, the other day we were outside and they were playing with a couple of sticks. Nothing crazy, just swinging them around like they were swords and the boys were pirates.


I encourage this kind of play. I love when they use their imagination and create their own world. I was watching them and smiling from all the creativity going on.

My Father in Law walked outside and immediately told them to put the sticks down, or go inside.

Here is my dilemma.

Obviously, they are my children. I am their Mother and I make their rules. Along with T.

But I also have to respect that we are staying in their house.

I want to scream.


I am trying so hard to be respectful, and to remain peaceful. It is not easy, especially since I am a pretty confrontational person. If I have a problem with something I always speak my mind, and I always let you know where you stand with me.

Am I being fake? No. I am trying to keep the peace in a house that has way to many people in it.

I really just needed to vent. Otherwise I would literally lose my mind here.

Just a couple more weeks.

Just a couple more weeks.

That’s my mantra for now.

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