Uber Cray Cray.

Have you ever sat up and realized you could throw up because life is going so dangerously awesome? 2011 started off a little rough, you know with that whole getting dumped and fired in the first week of the year which made me want to eat paper towel just so I could get over the addiction and start feeling normal again, except the crazy thing is that this year has rounded out into the best and most productively life-changing year ever. Like, I’m not kidding. I’ve made it so far and I’m so happy and high on everything, I don’t know what to do with myself. The people, the work, the apartment, the opportunity, the hair, all of it. GLITTER. And it’s all happening in a way that is shaping 2023 into something really, really remarkable.

On another hand, I’m also so busy I could probably spontaneously throw up on myself, so I’ll be back sometime in 2023. At least, that’s the plan. Assuming I remember to renew my hosting before it expires.

If you’re looking for good reads before the new year hits, check out Sarah’s goal-planning for 2023 posts.

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