Utter exhaustion; Poetry…Tuesday?

I’m trying to do work tonight, but my heart’s just not in it. Today was so long that the notion of “this morning” feels sort of like a distant memory, like that trip my family took to Disney World when I was four. My class schedule this semester is the closest thing to high school I’ve had in years: I’m out of the house and on campus for a solid six hours, then I have an hour-long break before I go to HLC for 3 hours of work. Jesus. How did I do this for 12 years?

In bloggy meta news, please note that I’ve imported all of my posts from AIB @ Blogger! So now all the Weird is in one easy-to-access location! Oooh! Ahhhh!

Oh, and I realize that today is Tuesday and not Monday. In my post yesterday I promised that I’d be back “tomorrow” (i.e. today) with some “Poetry Monday fantasticness.” I guess the holiday threw me off. And I guess we’ll be doing Poetry Tuesday today.

Um. I’m super exhausted. I don’t know if I have the energy to search for a decent poem for you folks.

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