Weekend Recap

This past weekend was unbelievable.

Actually all of the last week was pretty amazing. T took vacation last week so we spent a lot of time at home, doing absolutely nothing. We went outside almost every day to play with the boys. We cuddled on the couch and watched movies. We built forts in the living room, and had picnics.

It was lovely.

Then this weekend, I hit the mother load of friend time. I spent Friday night out at the Wildhorse Saloon downtown Nashville with my girlfriends.

I may or may not have met Abe Lincoln. I also may or may not have convinced him to have a drink with me. He is my favorite president after all.

I danced my ass off with my girls. One of those nights you go out, you don’t really drink much, but you have such a blast. When we left I was sweaty and breathless. We ran in the rain to our car, giggling like a bunch of 18 year olds. It was the best night out I have had in so long.

T and I left early Saturday morning to make the 3 hour drive to Knoxville. The best man from our wedding, one of T’s best friends for over 5 years, was getting hitched. All of our friends were going to be there, many of whom we hadn’t seen in forever. I didn’t get any pictures of the wedding, I was to busy catching up with my friends.

It was a wonderful night. The wedding was a gorgeous outdoor wedding. We danced, we drank, we laughed about the old days when we were wild. It was absolutely perfect.

The best part? Seeing T in his element. He doesn’t have to many friends where we live now–because he works so much its hard for him to make a lot of friends. So when we get together with the guys, I see the man I fell in love with shine.

His whole face lights up. Not that he is a different person when hes at home with me, but his youth shines through when he’s back with his buds. I love seeing him so happy!

I was sad T went back to work, but I’m really excited for his next vacation coming up in June. Its 10 days long. While Ill be gone for three days of it–the other 7 days we are thinking of going to the beach.

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