What’s in my purse

Women might have to do awful things like grow humans inside of them, color in their eyebrows and contemplate whether or not to try the Diva Cup, but we still get to carry around a purse that carries all of this.

This is living done right, guys. I bought this padded camera bag-slash-purse from Xcessrize before I left for Cali because I needed something that would protect my camera and double as a purse, and really, I don’t know if I’ve ever made a smarter purchase. Right now I’ve got in here a wrap sandwich, Pop Chips, Canon EOS Rebel, cell phone, wallet, keys, glasses case, 3 bottles of nail polish, change purse, pocket mirror, 3 chapsticks, notebook, 2 pens, 2 packs of gum, a bottle of Excedrin, and an accessory bag containing all my camera cords. This might all be defeating the purpose of a bag originally purchased to protect my camera, but my camera is in good hands and so is my sandwich.

I don’t see men with lunch, work equipment and a spare tire all balled up in their pockets, and if I did I’d probably back away slowly as I judged them, so this is one way that women have a serious advantage at life. You need a set of feather earrings? Candyland board? Shot of wheatgrass? Let me know, homegirl’s got you covered.

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